Special Loads: Beyond the loads described above, there are a large number of special loads, designed for special purposes. The most common of the special loads are short-range training loads, metal penetrating loads, and quite a few special police loads. The short-range training loads are of particular interest. The Swedish army adopted a version of the blank described earlier, but, instead of the red plastic bullet, the short range load has a black plastic bullet with a 3mm steel ball in the tip (Figure 21) which will pass through the blank adapter described earlier. Norway experimented with an all-plastic version of this round (Figure 22). The Canadians also produce quite a variety of training cartridges, including rounds with plastic bullets (Figure 23) intended to fire in a special barrel and paint ball cartridges which can be used with the same special reduced-caliber barrel. Note the paint-ball cartridge with the steel collar. This is an experimental load with a 9mm bullet. This approach was dropped in favor of a reduced-caliber barrel for training, which would not accept a normal 9mm Parabellum cartridge.