Profile Full Name: Zhou Yu Min Nick Name: Zai Zai Birthday: June 09, 1981 Horoscope: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: Rooster Place of Birth: Yilan, Taiwan Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg Blood Type: O Favorite part of His Body: Bushy Eye Brows, Eyes Favorite Exercises: Slow Jogging First Movie Saw: Jurassic Park Favorite Food: Fried Chicken Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Artists: [[Andy Lau], A-Mei Favorite Instrument: Guitar (cuz it looks nice) Favorite Country: Taiwan Favorite Clothing: Simple and Comfortable Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Drinks: Shi Liu Green Tea Favorite Music: Electronic Music Collections: Photos, Decorative Stuff Character/ Personality: Polite, Cheerful, Joker Biggest Wish: Hopes to do well at anything Dream Place He'd like to Go To: Canada Life he wants: Simple Bad Points/Faults: Mispronunciation of words Most Unforgettable Incident: When his grandfather died Hates: To be forced to do thing he doesn't want Good At: Acting Foolish, Acting Innocent Best Performance: Art Blur Personal Life He was previously linked with Angela Zhang due to the fact they both released their albums at the same time and also with Tammy Chen. He was supposed to have been in a relationship with actress Xu Wei Lun which ended towards the second half of 2005 although the two never admitted to having had any relationship. He had a crush on Dee Hsu before dating Barbie Hsu He was said to have five girlfriends in the past. None of them lasted for a year. Barbie Su had adopted him as a younger brother during the filming of Meteor Garden Vic Zhou's Quote 'The saddest thing in my life was when my parents divorced. They are also the people I want to say sorry to. When they broke up, I was 8 or 9 years old and stayed with my mother in Taiwan. My dad was living at Luo Dong and even had a new family. Despite the far distance, I will always find time to visit him to do my part as a son. Also, I have never thought about becoming a star or becoming famous. However, I cannot deny that I am popular. Yes, it is a happy matter, but I really hate it as it affected my family a lot. Reporters knocked and took photos at my dad’s house, scaring him and he dared not go out. I never expected my rise to fame to harm them…' "Without F4, I wouldn't be where I am today." "Even though we (F4) are doing our own stuff, it is so our strength is greater when we're united together." Filmography Silence (2006) Mars (Mars) (2004) - as Chén Líng and Chén Shèng Love Storm (2003) - as Lù Ying Feng ABCDEF4 (2003) - as himself Meteor Dream Garden also known as Meteor Rain (2002) - as himself/Hua Zé Lèi Meteor Garden II (2002) - as Hua Zé Lèi Come to my Place (2001) - as Zhong Yuán Poor Prince (2001) - as Shan Tián Tài Láng Meteor Garden (2001) - as Hua Zé Lèi Discography Silence Original Television Drama Sountrack (2006) Familiar Warm(pinyin: Shou Xi De Wen Rou) (Track 1) Just For You (2004) Mars Original Television Drama Sountrack (2004) Let Me Love You - duet with Barbie Xu (pinyin: Rang Wo Ài Ni) (Track 2) Remember, I Love You (2004) Remember, I Love You - ( Jì Dé Wo Ài Ni) Your Body Temperature - ( Ni De Ti Wen) Try To Love Me For A Day - ( Shì Zhù Ài Wo Yì Tian) Mama Said - (pinyin: Ma Ma Shuì) How To Forget - ( Zen Me Wàng) Guarantee Of Happiness - ( Xìng Fú De Bao Zhèng) Why Didn't You Come - (Wéi Hé Ni Bú Lái) Suddenly - ( Hu Rán) Message Of Three Thousand Years - (San Qian Nián De Liú Yán) I Breath You - ( Wo Hu Xi Ni) Fantasy 4ever (January 2003) Lonely Winter - (Yi Gè Rén De Dong Jì) (Track 4) How Come It's You - ( Zen Me Huì Shì Ni) (Track 10) Make A Wish (2002)