After a few seconds Kirimi came back over to Tenma holding an orange. Both Raven and Tenma looked at Kirimi weird. "Whats....the orange....for?" Tenma mumbled softly giving her a slight glare. "My mother...she always gave me an orange when I was hurt. It's suppose help" Kirimi smiled placing the orange on his chest. Tenma rolled his eyes and looked at the orange which made him smile alittle. Tenma opened his mouth preparing to speak when he heared a scream coming from Kirimi. His eyes grew wide as he ssaw her being lifted into the air from a vine that was wrapped around her ankle. "Get me down!! Do something!" she yelled trying to get her ankle away from the plant. Tenma looked around trying to find something to break her away from it. "...i've princess..." a small voice said. This cause Tenma to blink in confusion as he looked back at Kirimi and saw she lay in Osamu's arms. "Princess?" Tenma questioned staring at Kirimi. Kirimi was looking at Osamu with a look of fear on her face "th...ank you..." she whispered softly looking back at Tenma. "Ah! We've got to help him before he bleeds to death!" she yelped jumping out of Osamu's arms and kneeling down next to Tenma. "Oh, yeah I could die huh? Alright go find a rose with blue leaves and pluck some of them off then around there should be a tree that grows red berries get some of those then come back over here." Tenma winced in pain grabbing his stomach. She nodded and loked at Osamu who made eye contact with her "I'll...stay here...with Tenma...and gaurd him..." he mumbled looking away. Again Kirimi nodded and ran off. "No go follow her" Tenma looked up at Osamu. "W...what but...if she...comes back?" he bit his lip alittle looking around for Raven. "You have to understand the enemy, Raven is our sensei she has no intentions of killing us so shes not attacking the injured. She going to go after Kirimi whos now alone so this is the best time to do a sneak attack against her" Osamu slightly nodded running off in the direction Kirimi went. (To be continued)